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Common Questions & Answers

What wineries are included in the TWE Portfolio Account? 

There are 8 wineries and brands that apply to the TWE Porfolio account:

Why is my email recognized at wineries I have never visited? 

Because you have created an account with one of our TWE Portfolio wineries, your account can now access the rest of our portfolio. This offers you the convenience of access to more wines with the ease of a single account (and a single password). 

How can I edit my account details?

Go to My Account, which is an item in the main menu. From My Account, go to Edit Profile. Any changes you make to email or password will affect how you log in to all of the TWE Portfolio Wineries' websites.

What are the social icons on the log in screen?

As a convenience for our customers, we offer you the ability to log into your TWE portfolio account using your existing accounts at one of these popular social networks. Your personal information data is secure, as we receive an encrypted version of your email and password. This saves you the hassle of managing yet another username and password.

What happened with my second account?

If you previously had multiple accounts with more than one of our TWE Portfolio brands, then we have merged these accounts and assigned a "parent" account email. This parent account is now your TWE portfolio account . 

Now that my accounts have been merged, where can I find my order history?

Your order history is not accessible in our newly upgraded system. If you would like to get a list of all your past order, across all accounts, please contact Customer Service using the Contact Us form or click on the Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

What is the difference between a TWE Portfolio Account and signing up for email lists?

Our mailing lists are treated and managed separately. We will never opt you into marketing emails without your permission. You can edit your marketing communication preferences by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of any marketing email.

A TWE Portfolio account is typically created when you purchase products online or sign up for a wine club. From the My Account section of the website, you can view your order history, manage your default addresses and payment methods, and manage your wine club shipments and default other settings.

Why do I need a separate account when I book a tasting or event?

We use a 3rd party system, Tock, to manage our reservations. An account needs to be made on Tock's platform in order to track your reservations. While the reservation information flows through to us, our Tock keeps your account information private for security reasons.

Why does my bank statement show multiple authorizations on my credit/debit card?

When you first place an order, an authorization for the amount is taken on your card but we do NOT charge you until your order has shipped. Once shipped we release the authorization on your card and complete the transaction. In some rare instances your online or printed back statement may show what looks like multiple authorizations on your bank account. This can happen when our systems work a little bit too fast for the banks and the charge happens before the authorization has fully cleared in their systems. Be assured that this is rare occurrence, you will only be charged one time for your order, and that the authorization usually falls off within a day. If at any time you have questions, please reach out to our customer service team.